official global blog of iuf-berlin

iuf- freie menschen, freie märkte (iuf blog, german version)

The Institute for Free Enterprise, Institut für Unternehmerische Freiheit (IUF) is Germany’s free market think tank.

The Institute works towards policy change by developing concepts for reforms with local and international experts. Those ideas are then promoted to policy makers, challenging the interventionist mindset. In order to create a climate in favour of reforms we need a permanent presence for freedom. The IUF advocates policies that lay the foundation for entrepreneurial initiative and competition. Consistent with our liberal philosophy we do not accept government contracts or funding and are supported by private contributions only.

THE WELFARE STATE, built during Germany‘s economic boom, is no longer able to cope with demands. Pension and health funds have degenerated into political toys.

MILLIONS of people are prevented from finding employment by an over-regulated labour market.

ENTREPRENEURS and employees are the victims of a complicated, unjust and counter-productive tax system. Individuals are limited in their freedom of choice and made dependent on a state which is guided more by fear than facts.

INITIATIVE of individuals is desired but at the same time stifled.

PRIVATE success is considered anti-social and subjected to regulation and redistribution.

MARKETS are blamed for the unintended consequences of past regulations and even more regulations are proposed as a solution to the problems created by previous interventions.


  • Freedom of contract is the basis of all economic activities
  • Government intervention in the market is absent
  • Pension and health services are privately provided
  • Free and self-confident people bear responsibility for themselves and for the free society they enjoy
  • Levels of wealth and human well being are increasing

  • Promotion of self-initiative
  • Free market training
  • Policy consultancy towards market solutions
  • Opposition to subsidies and the policy of favouritism
  • Advocacy of an undistorted market economy and free trade

GERMANY’S VAST POTENTIAL can be unlocked – with the right set of policies.

Unhampered market forces, proper application of the rule of law, and sacrosanct civil liberties rather than centrally administered government planning will unlock the potential of our skilled and entrepreneurial people and allow our country to take its rightful place among the dynamic high-growth economies.

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